Michigan has a rich motorcycle club history dating back into the 1950's. While there are a lot of Christian Motorcycle Ministries in Michigan, there are a small number of Christian MC's.  The Michigan chapter of Least of Saints is made up of a group of dedicated men who want to spread the love of Jesus Christ throughout Michigan.  We want to work with other ministries and clubs to help support bikers all across our great state.  We have men in multiple places around Michigan, if you have questions, simply fill out the contact form below and someone will get back to you soon.

The Least of Saints Motorcycle Club is a Christian based non-profit organization. We dedicate our time and effort in reaching out to the local communities. As a diverse group of brothers equipped with powerful testimonies, our goal is to win souls for the Kingdom. Whether it's a simple prayer request or hosting a community outreach event, we are spiritually armed with the word of God to fight the good fight in "Leading The Lost To The Cross".


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